Worm gear box and Electric motor

Wednesday - 18/07/2018 19:35

Worm gear box and Electric motor

A gearbox motor is a useful piece of equipment that can be customized to fit essentially any type of light duty or heavy duty application.
While there are a great number of different configurations available for a gearbox with a motor, not all will work for every application. Some may be more cost effective and efficient, depending on the type of application the gear box motor will be used for.

Choosing the Right Motor Gearbox Design

Each application has a varied set of requirements that are unique to that application. On the other end of the spectrum, each motor with a gearbox configuration also has unique features and functions that limit or enhance its abilities.

Therefore, when determining the appropriate gearbox and motor configuration, it is important to fully understand how the motor gearbox assembly will be used and in what capacity.

Multiple factors can drastically change how a motor operates from one setup to another. Some items to consider when choosing a configuration include:

    Purpose – Understanding how the gearbox and motor will be applied is the first step to determining the appropriate assembly for the application.

    Compatibility – Ensuring that the motor and gearbox are compatible technologies is an important note to consider when determining the best gearbox and motor assembly.

    Desired output – Changing the configuration of the gearbox can alter the torque and speed of the motor’s output. Ensuring the system is designed to perform to the specifications required must not be overlooked.

    Efficiency – The effective operation of the overall motor and gearbox configuration relies on multiple factors. However, making certain the gearbox is properly assembled to reach the desired output can improve efficiency of the motor operation.

    Power Source – Ensuring your motor and gearbox assembly has an appropriate power supply and motor terminal box, also called a motor junction box or a motor connection box, can prevent unnecessary strain on the motor, which could ultimately result in premature deterioration and require maintenance or replacement.

    Using multiple gearbox motors – If a single motor is unable to provide enough torque for the application, it is wise to consider whether multiple motors would better serve the desired purpose.

Dolin Highly Efficient Gearbox Motors

Whether you are searching for a box fan motor or a motor for your furnace, we’ve got you covered. Our complete line of gearmotors includes: hypoid – helical gearmotors; hollow shaft gearmotors; inline gearmotors; parallel shaft gearmotors; TG3 gearmotors; and plastic gearmotors. With a compact design our products can be used in a wide variety of applications, including:

    Medical tables
    Food equipment
    Power plants
    Printing machines
    Precision transportation
    Garbage disposal units and many other household appliances

As one of the most trusted motor gearbox suppliers, Dolin Gear has specialized in the production of dependable, cost-efficient motor solutions for more than 70 years.


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