Four tips for Gear Reducers’ Maintenance

Wednesday - 07/02/2018 09:51

Four tips for Gear Reducers’ Maintenance

The gear reducer is not strange for Most people. Actually, the gear speed reducer is a relatively sophisticated machinery which works between the prime mover and working machine or actuator to control the speed and transmitting torque.
However, due to the harsh working environment, this transmission drive often damage oil leaks. So how to avoid these failures? The following recommended maintenance of the four gear tips.
First, during the work, when finding the oil temperature exceeds 80 ℃ or sump temperature exceeds 100 ℃ and makes abnormal phenomena such as noise, should stop using to check the reason. Change the oil and then continue to operate.
gear reducer motors

Second, the time to gear oil change must wait to cool down so far no fire hazard, but should remain warm, because after completely cooled, the viscosity of the oil increases, so that being difficult to draw off. Note: To cut off the transmission power drive to prevent inadvertently energized.
Third, after the operation of 200 to 300 hours, it should change the oil. And in future, should regularly check the quality of the oil. To some mixed impurities or deterioration of the oil must be replaced.

In general, long-term work for the reducers, according to run 5000 hours or once a year to replace the new oil, long-term disabled reducer, before re-operation should be replaced with new oil. Reducer should be added to the same grade as the original oil, not with different grades of oil mixed with, and different grades of the same viscosity oil allowed to mix.
Fourth, the user should have a reasonable use of maintenance regulations, to examine the functioning and problems found in the gear unit should be carefully recorded, said provisions should be strictly enforced.

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